It is, however, insufficient to use SAA alone for high-quality tomosynthesis reconstructions due to the overlapping blurry anatomy from outside of the plane of interest. Other clinical applications An additional area of exciting prospect for tomosynthesis is in orthopedic imaging. Numerical experiments Experiment setup In order to perform the simulations, we considered a tomosynthesis system with rotating geometry. Several important translational questions in breast tomosynthesis need study. The second row shows the absolute differences of reconstructed images relative to the original image. Eliminating the lateral would make the clinical acceptance of chest tomosynthesis much easier due to dose concerns , but a clinical study will be required to satisfactorily answer this question. One example is the development of novel x-ray sources using carbon nanotube field-emission cathodes.

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Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software by Miva. Tomosynthesis has also been used in dental imaging for indications such as evaluation of implants, and there is a commercial dental tomosynthesis imaging unit on the market.

Simultaneous algebraic reconstruction technique; CT: Open in a separate window.

With that perspective, how can tomosynthesis fit into the clinical management of patients along with CXR and CT? Tomosynthesis has also been used for the localization of brachytherapy seeds.

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Parameter selection for NLM is very important as it shows significant effect on the filtered image. In ART, an image is estimated by minimizing: Published online May 5. Compressuon see the electronic version for color notations. For tomographic imaging; lowering the dose [ 1 ], taking fewer projections mccaukey 2 ] and limiting the scan angle [ 23 ] during the acquisition have been introduced as solutions for dose reduction in both experimental and clinical studies.


Early clinical experience in chest tomosynthesis indicates that exposure equivalent to that of one to three lateral chest exams is mccakley right for reasonable imaging 141648 in one study, total tomosynthesis exposures of 68— mR were reported, 16 and in another study, an effective dose of 0.

Tomosynthesis imaging: At a translational crossroads

Magnetic resonance imaging; SNR: In NLM filtering search window size is often limited to decrease the computational time while patch size is chosen smaller than search window to generate a global filtering. In ART, an image is estimated by minimizing:.

X j is limited to a search window SW which mccayley the neighboring pixels remoteness. The impact of using CAD, either as a prereader or a secondary reader, on user workflow will be important things to measure before tomosynthesis makes its full translational move from the bench to the bedside. Search window can be considered as the reference image for that pixel.

However the PSNR value is useful if images with different dynamic ranges are being compared, otherwise it shows a similar result of what RMSE information provides [ 23 ]. It is important for this effect to be included in the geometry of motion in the reconstruction algorithm.

The doses reported for a single-view breast tomosynthesis exam are about one to two times that of a single-view full-field digital mammogram FFDM 334647 [doses of 2 mGy Mccaley.

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Tomosynthesis is likely to be better at both those tasks, and thus, it raises the question of whether the lateral can be eliminated when using tomosynthesis; doing so would save enough radiation exposure that a composite exam composed of a PA radiograph and tomosynthesis may have comparable dose to a conventional chest exam.


Of the three geometries of motion, the parallel-path motion enables the simplest reconstruction algorithm and also maintains uniform magnification at each tube position. The problem lies in the biology of lung cancer. Search windows are used to reduce the computational time as the similarity between remote patches is redundant for denoising purpose.

A few investigators used image intensifiers to demonstrate the potential of tomosynthesis imaging. Adding TV of an image as a regularization term to 1the minimization problem is modified to:. These deblurring algorithms made tomosynthesis suitable for consideration in a wider range of comprssion applications.

The rest of the paper is organized as nccauley. This motion did not result in blur within individual projection images due to the very short exposure times used. This renewed interest in tomosynthesis began in the late s as a new generation of flat-panel detectors became available; these detectors were the mccauleh missing piece of the picture that had kept tomosynthesis from enjoying significant utilization earlier. ME carried out the reconstruction simulations, performed analysis of the simulation results and drafted the manuscript.

Analytical algorithms such as Fourier transform FT and filtered back projection FBP are not sufficient enough to reconstruct an artifact-free image due to high amount of missing data.

The question of optimum dose for tomosynthesis has not been resolved.

However iterative reconstruction techniques themselves are also not enough to reconstruct artifact-free images and therefore further improvements are required to obtain improved results.