Is there anything that can be done to revive it? Try running the backup again. If the controller is not seen by the Marvell flasher any more, probably so. The Autoload has a section for subsystem ID. Basically, if i will scratch all of the not-so-good pieces, i will end with Kouwell or Marvell:

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Sun Dec 20, 3: Furthermore I have stickied this topic, because it seems to be quite pupular.

NVMe mod succesfully works but not in 1. Or then is related to the issue. NVMe mod succesfully works but not in 1. The method I used to flash was the go.

2-port SATA III (6G) PCI-e Controller Card, Marvell 88SE Chipset,Free Low Profile Bracket

I noticed the and images are smaller in size than the original you provided, perhaps something to do with it? Joined Sep 19, Messages Thanks There are only two flashers: Zitat von RoughBoy im Beitrag I knew the space problem before already: Basically, if i will scratch all of the not-so-good pieces, i will end with Kouwell or Marvell: I must warn you that it is missing all inner Firmware components yes, Marvell is calling the whole image a Firmware and also an internal component as Firmwarewhich might not be important for non-RAID controllers, but it is marvepl missing the Loader, which is a component present in all other Firmwares.


Luckily, the guys and girls from Station-Drivers had a 92xx firmware released mavell They seem to be one of those companies that is top dog from cotroller bargain bin.

This is from your backup image, there is a Firmware 2. As a side note, it turns out the Firmware is not broken on these card, it is just pciie, probably due to missing RAID. Please enter a reason for warning.

Kouwell, Marvell, or what kind of PCIe SATA controller

I mean, is there driver included in BSD? I managed to program the flash chip with your imageA0. This post does not match the desired netiquette of the Forum. Thu Oct 01, 6: Thanks for the confirmation.

SATA Controllers

Contrlller 1 egg reviews are dominated with “do not use with marvell chipsets”. Zitat von lordkag im Beitrag Oh wow, that was quick support!

Pretty surprising that it is being sold for such a low price. It might be just a communication or settings problem. The device manager of Windows 7 shows me always that hardware ID, whether I delete 1b4b: For example there is the mess with the Device IDs which I have described in this post: For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.


First I need to figure out marve,l way to hook this up to a programmer tough. Furthermore you may have this way a better chance to get a reply from our Marvell Controller Guru lordkag. Spam Netiquette Form other This post contains unwanted Spam. I do not dare running the update routine, seeing the tool cannot even read the current flash!

This looks pretty interesting, but what does your script actually show?

Even so, I still scratch my head with every Marvell topic I encounter.