Interestingly, the previous settings were all retained as if the installer read the old disk and included the drivers for the GA-Z87 motherboard. From what I have heard passthrough is broken for some devices in ESXi 5. Thank you, now I understand a bit more. Dmitry November 18, at 7: Do I only have to change the Class of the card from to or there is more to it? It’s a Class Can you let me know when you have a new version of the package scheduled?

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Are you still accepting outputs? Andreas Peetz December 16, at 1: Andreas, I was wrong!

TIF Tomorrow: Custom VMware ESXi install with SATA 88SE & Marvell 88E NIC

I’ve maevell a solution for marvell 88e with device id: Ez-Aton January 4, at 3: What controller s are you using? Check with “esxcli software vib list grep xahci” Andreas.

I tried yesterday, but then I got an error message during startup. Your explanation are great Thank you very much. Still no luck on getting the disks detected. Thanks for your help. The same was true for a completely different card with the same chipset. Anonymous November 20, at 5: Will the esxcli software vib install -d http: Realtek Gigabit Ethernet 10ec: Anyone know if there is any plan to make Marvell 88E80xx series official supported?


Is passthrough working with other devices?


Hi all, I did some tests with a modified installation CD using the offered driver as well as with a driver which has added subdevice and subvendor IDs. Is it possible to add multiple customizations thru ESXi-Customizer, or do they need to be added one at a time and a new ISO rebuilt after each one, if more than one item needs to be added?

Maurice November 30, at 1: Hey Andreas, this is Gianluca. Unfortunately none of the connected disks are displayed!

Does anyone have experience with ASMedia based cards? Please, can you give me hint, where is problem. So if I were to buy a PCIe card maarvell one of the chipsets listed in your posting, I should theoretically be able to get it working with the info you have provided?

Gutharius February 19, at Anonymous November 19, at 2: Andreas Peetz December 16, at 2: Anonymous November 14, at 8: Rene December 21, at Anonymous November 16, at 7: Monday, January 11, 1: Andreas Peetz January 6, at Hi Andreas, I solve and installed your driver.


I will not create a separate VIB for each controller, but will update the existing one to support all that are reported to me.

From the comments on this post it looks like ESXi 5.