The end of the tape is attached to a perpendicular leader pin that is used by an LTO drive to reliably grasp the end of the tape and mount it in a take-up reel inside the drive. While Ultrium drives are also defined by a particular generation, they are required to have some level of compatibility with older generations of cartridges. Please contact us for return instructions before sending the unit back. Debris on the media can be deposited onto drive components that are in contact with the tape. The plastic slot where the pin is normally held is deformed by the drop and the leader pin is no longer in the position that the drive expects it to be. Although keeping a tape drive clean is important, normal cleaning cartridges are abrasive and frequent use will shorten the drive’s lifespan. Write compatibility – LTO 2.

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IBM called its format after IBM’s one product that used it and designed it to meet the demanding requirements of its mainframe products.

The tape inside an LTO cartridge is wound iibm a single reel. Item Location see all. At the high end of the tape market, the IBM series and Oracle StorageTek T series products are still viable and under active development. The rules for compatibility between generations of drives and cartridges are as follows:.

IBM LTO 2 Tape, Ultrium 2, LTO 2 Tapes 08L at Discount Prices

For parts or not working. Yes it is true.


Erasing the data tracks without destroying the servo tracks requires special equipment. We will cover this item for 1 Year from the date of purchase. For 90 Days if the item stops functioning we will repair or replace it with a comparable unit. More refinements More refinements The extra bit used by SLDC to differentiate between raw and compressed blocks effectively places an upper bound on the expansion of incompressible data.

IBM Ultrium LTO2 200/400GB FC Loader Tape Drive 18P6821

This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat While LTFS can make a tape appear to behave like a disk, it does not change the fundamentally sequential nature of tape. There is nothing different about the tape medium in a WORM cartridge. During the warranty period, any item found to be defective will be repaired or replaced.

In the event of an issue arises with the LTO-2 drive, the preferred corrective action is to upgrade your tape drive hardware to a newer generation Lbm drive, then install the latest version of the IBM Tape Device driver.

You May Also Like. LTO technology was originally designed to come in two form factors, Ultrium and Accelis. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Linear Tape-Open.

96p1774 39m5658 – IBM Half-high Lto2 SCSI Tape Drive

Many feature codes have multiple part numbers available. The address the order is shipping to must be a street address in the Contiguous US 48 states. Therefore, we do not have record of item history or type of use.


Data is deleted and capacity recovered only if the whole tape is reformatted. This debris can result in increased media oto2 which generates more ltp2. It is important to note that the tracks written on each pass partially overlap the tracks written on the previous wrap of the same direction, like roof shingles. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Click for More Info. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information contained in this items description.

LTO tape is designed for 15 to 30 years of archival storage. You can still lyo2 online and we will process orders on Wednesday, January 2nd. In common usage, LTO generally refers to the Ultrium form factor. However, the software and its product documentation continue lgo2 use the Tivoli Storage Manager product name. After applying the compression function to the data, the algorithm compares the “compressed” data block to the raw data block in memory and writes the smaller of the two to tape.

One such reader, Veritape, connects by USB to a PC and integrates with analytical software to evaluate the quality of tapes.