It gets detected like any other flash based device and is ready to write to drag-n-drop. Mario Kart DS didn’t work before, but with the new 2. Please remember that you can remove the card only together with the USB linker, otherwise you might loose some data. I have to say, I love the packaging as well as the bonus accessories. Slot2 card directly from the burning, easy to use; good compatibility, support a lot of games of Download Play feature. In the center there is a thick about a cm foam layer.

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This is probably the biggest advantage of G6DS Real. I’ve been trying everything I can think of but it does not work for me. As far i know yes. There is also another solution possible that I’ve been told.

ARP has implemented the use of cookies in order to provide you with the best service possible. The second is that the G6team have chosen not to put the guidance strips over the connector pins see pictures.

All I can say it either doesn’t work, and if it does work it is such a hassle to set up that not many users will be able to use it. Save files are either directly saved to the card or are copied without you seeing it which would explain the startup time of the firmware. Only can replace the base map, also the base map replacement operation needs to rely on the computer to complete the picture the replace.


The use of time comparable to the original card, long life time; 7. DS Fire Link – the No.

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Ericthegreat Nov 13, It has blue LED light during data recording. However, this is understandable, as there is already a massive amount of programs out on the internet that can do this already.

As I know rel lot people like it that way I can see why a lot of card implement the feature, but personally I like it if it looks natural, so way to go G6 team. Here however all icons move position in order to fill the last row. Immerse yourself in games and movies with an ultra-wide This possibly can cause the ataxia which the document tabulates, also inconveniences to the browsing.

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Card is in grey colour. So you can set two different save files to default for each game. And this is not all — the G6DS Real has a download crad support — a great feature allowing you to play multilayer games on several DS consoles and run a backup on only one of them. The G6DS Real has no real software for itself as it is drag and drop. This unit also has a chip sticking out in the middle of the sticker but here too there is not much difference in thickness with a normal DS card.

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Product future What this products future looks like. When you scroll down you will see rows of icons, but the icons stay in the same place. It automatically charges when your DS is on. In the full icon display version “pda icon” is what the SC team call it it can be very strange if you have more then twelve icons.

Of course, the most important object in the package was the G6DS Real itself. Special thanks to the G6 Team who sent me a sample. Good luck reading that!

In conclusion, I would say, the G6DS Real is a very good product, and definitely worth looking at and perhaps even buying it. Also try to format the G6DS Real from your DS if you format your card of course readef will lose all your data, look below to find out how you can format your card and try again.

However the flashme is compatible and works fine with G6DS Real if you want to use it for -insert reason s here. On the back of the box, the list of features was so incredibly long that a whole side of the box was dedicated to this font size 8 writing.