I hadn’t bothered to reread that thread before posting here because that wasn’t what I was trying to ask about here. I’ve heard that video stabilizers and things like Grex perhaps can help by pass all that but I don’t wanna gamble on anything until I’m sure. By digicube in forum Capturing. But that’s about all I have for now. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Improved Help functions in cooperation with Eyetv Netstreams Topics: I don’t wanna just grab one and assume the pass through is good especially if the seller does not specify so.

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Contact Us VideoHelp Top. Once you have activated the eyetv 4 windows, a setup assistant will guide you through the setup and configuration of the Teyetv 4 windows. What you describe as “very fuzzy and grainy” below hybrix second image in your first post is neither fuzzy blurry nor grainy random static type noise.

McHardy backpedals Press Release No. Welcome to eyetv 4 windows 2. Based on the new technical conditions big parts of quality assessment gybrid decoding software had to be rewritten, newly structured and adapted to the new conditions.


I posted about this on FanRes and originaltrilogy. Sorry in advance if this is long.

Not sure if you care, but you’ll likely be limited to hardware-compressed MPEG-2 captures. However it was kinda easy for me to have forgotten I had linked that because it was not necessarily linked with my actual problem. To help our customers as fast as possible eyetv lite 1. Furthermore I have been hybrkd other places discussing this. Download eyetv 3 lite 1. That’s why a few examples in my original post, particularly the ones where I was showing off that ‘overlap’, I actually had a few grabs of the video playing in Windows Media Player since the ‘overlap’ is not present there.

I do hope someone can assist me with this.

System minimum requirements Operating system: Cambridge Audio Azur D. Scan lines shift left and right, and vary in length, because the VHS head deck can’t maintain a constant speed.

Keep your activation keys in a safe place in case you need to reinstall the eyetv 4 windows software. Essentially I was ruling out I don’t think the VCR is defective or needs cleaning but you basically just confirmed that cleaning out the heads is likely not gonna have an effect anyways so there you go.


One other EyeTV I tried was this one. The Device Status in the devices properties window reads: Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information in the registry is incomplete or damaged. Who uses Linux has to comply with the license terms. Last edited by crissrudd; 23rd Apr at Sorry if I’m asking a lot of questions. Oii this is gonna be tough. Your main problem is the lack of a line TBC.

Elgato EyeTV Hybrid Analog/digital TV HDTV Tuner for Mac | eBay

For a relaxed television experience, we continuously improve our eyetv 3. An external roof antenna may be necessary. The sound is fine, the video not so much. Welcome to EyeTV lite 1.

EyeTV capture plugin

A line TBC fixes that be aligning the sync pulses and stretching or squishing each line to the correct line length. And get a better signal? Seamless cooperation is required at every stage of development, and this is something Arrow and Geniatech can now offer.