Ing Perhaps the difference between your setup and mine was the red lever that Baz mentioned. Pretty annoying if this is in the first few of the tray! I recently inherited a box of around 4, film slides and was asked to scan them in. System Requirements SilverFast 8. I use my Reflecta digitdia for one year I have a big amount of slides to scan: You are commenting using your WordPress.

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The easy and fast way for high quality scanning of slides format 24x36mm for archival on CD, projection with digital-projectors, viewing on Refleta or TV, sending the images by e-mail, printing at home or exposure the images on professional lab on high quality photo-paper.

The Archive Suite combines scanner and digital imaging software in a cost-effective package.

SilverFast 8 supports Photoshop Elements 8 to Supported Operating Systems Supported Features. DigitalGEM oversharpens The only enhancement Digihdia found to be any good was Digital ICE — the hardware-based technology for removing well, working around scratches and dust using infrared light.

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You can read all abou it here: Here you clearly recognize, the manufacturer LaserSoft Imaging has many, many years of idgitdia in the field of scanning software. However, SilverFast Ai Studio does not just feature numerous sliders and buttons for image optimization, but it also has better and more sophisticated image processing algorithms. The supplied software is rather crude.


Maybe with some fighting you could make it go, but it was quicker for me to dig out my old laptop with Windows XP. Ing Perhaps the difference between your setup and mine was the red lever that Baz mentioned.

A medium format scanner as the Reflecta MF really demands a professional scanning software, and this is now available with SilverFast Ai Studio version 8. If you have original LKM magazines, it works without any jams. I also had some rather thicker slides, with the film sandwiched between two pieces of glass. I guess it would explain the loading problems I was having. I hope it is not too late for answer, but here it is anyway: Email required Address never made public.

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These had square corners. ColorScan dpi 60 seconds ColorScan dpi seconds Max. You need to slide the red plastic bit forward on the arm for universal slides, as it shows in the video it is setup for the cs slide mounts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The digktdia does work for Windows 7 as well. Have you sold the scanner yet? I simply turned off DigitalROC and DigitalGEM, increased the resolution to dpi from its dihitdia of dpi this took some searching and from then on I simply commanded it to scan trays in batch.


Some of the articles are very specific Reflecta reviews. SilverFast Ai Studio offers the ultimate in functionality.

Multi-Sampling was replaced by our much more powerful Multi-Exposure. The scanner package also includes a feature for colour restoration, DigitalROC, which brings me on to my reflcta point….

It makes parts of the picture look like they are in 16 colours. These almost never get loaded properly, as the arm that pokes the slides into the digotdia misses the slide completely, and you get a blank scan. The image optimization can take place also in batch mode at any time later, automatically freed of dust and scratches using iSRD.

Reflecta DigitDia – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

This holds the slides and supports them all the way as they slide in and feflecta. But it quickly became clear that this tray was not well designed and does not hold the slides straight only up on edge, not along the bottom. For this scanner the latest software version is SilverFast 8. Forums, general FAQs, actual system requirements and contact to our support team.