They regularly attacked members of racial minorities with broken bottles, clubs, or simply their fists. Battle Zone Chelmsford based Oi! Aussie Nigel played lead guitar for the band. After the guitar and drums had been recorded the vocals were being recorded when the Dutchh police arrived and arrested everyone for “inciting racial hatred”. Aside from the above mentioned records No Remorse were also featured on several collective- and compilation albums. I bought this for my father as a birthday gift and he loves.. In they accompanied the Swedish band Dirlewanger at the Brandenburg festival.

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Not to be confused with the s ‘psychadelia’ band of the same name that also released an album titled ‘Made In England’.

The February line up included Steve on vocals and guitar, J. After spending 3 days in prison, all the band skrwedriver deported, including Nigel who got sent to Australia.

It was cooked up by a bunch of us, including the band’s then-management and the photographer Peter Kodik. But Skrewdriver refused and dug in, which meant alienating the mainstream music establishment. Due to the support they received they decided that there was a need for a second CD, and ‘Unleashed Again’ was recorded in November Their original line-up was a non-political and non-racist punk rock band, but Skrewdriver evolved into the one of the first neo-Nazi rock bands with the second akrewdriver Hail the New Dawnplaying a leading role in the Rock Against Communism movement and becoming the most prominent white power band in the world.

One gig they didn’t get to finish was in Germany as a memorial to Stinko. George’s Day concert.


This ‘White Power’ band has been the soundtrack of racist punk for 40 years

Their final line-up was Jonesy on vocals, Tom former guitarist with Whitelaw on guitar, Graham on bass and Blakey on drums.

In Steve and James formed a punk band called Brainache Attack and after getting a full lineup and a planned gig ready the drummer and singer both suddenly quit the band. The bands first planned debut gig was in July in Gravesend but due to lack of rehearsals and the band drummer J.

They have recorded some songs and made a concert tour in Germany, Switzerland and Slovakia. They split-up soon after.

Aussie Nigel played lead guitar for the band. After a while Titch was found as his replacement and the band played gigs in France, Italy and the U.

Skrewdriver – After the fire

During this period Alex and Antonella collaborated closely with the Straw Dogs backing vocals and guitar tracksFrankie Flame and Superyob. Just before a planned trip to Ulster, Jim quit the band. The police raided the hall half way through their set in riot gear and a riot ensued.

When they played the ISD memorial ’96 concert they recruited new drummer James. Coalville Leicestershire based Oi! The reaction to the demo in was very good and Rebelles Europeens decided to release it as a single.

The band officially joined Blood and Honour in and set up skrewdrivet own self-named label in the same year.

RAC : Skrewdriver – Boots and braces/ Voice of Britain

It was released by French label BoHa Records. Kev left in earlyhis replacement, Gareth, made his Avalon live debut in Germany in June They felt let down by the studio and the engineer. They were held for a number of hours so the gig diehqrd go ahead and then they were released.


The autumn line-up was Billy vocals, Brad on guitar, Stinko on bass and Clarkey on drums. Nevertheless, the band totally dropped out the skinhead image, but also addressing the media in an interview Turner said that Skullhead has never been anything more than a diwhard rock band and that only music was important to them. In late the band went independant and come saw the band go through a line-up change, this time bass player Spen decided to leave the band to give one hundred percent to his wife and children.

The band was out of action for a while until along came a local ex-punk called Steve. Surprisingly Kevin Turner gave the band a rebirth in with all new members.

RAC : Skrewdriver – After the fire

The song writing began while Jonesy was still in prison, whilst the rest of the line-up worked on the music. English Rose’s vocalist Jonesy was in prison, serving 18 months, half way through his sentence inhe wrote to Squadron’s bassist Brad and guitarist Jim and English Rose drummer Blakey, that on his release they could do an Oi!

P’ moved to Canada. During and this new line-up worked on the second album, which at that stage was untitled.