Select this option only if you do not want to save the changes that you made to the Setup program. Powering Off The Computer 3. Cyberlink Video and Audio Applications: The next step repeats the color matching process to achieve full color quality. Locate the Socket and open it by pulling the lever gently sideways away from the socket.

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Plug the power cord and turn ON the computer. Replace the system cover. XX] Sets the system to the time that you specify usually the current time. Bios Menu Bar 4. You can type up to eight alphanumeric characters.

Page 69 Configuration options: Main Menu When you enter the Setup program, the following screen appears. Discard Changes Load Setup Defaults This option allows you to load the default values for each of the parameters on the Setup menus.

Page 5 Boot Menu Page 2 Product warranty or service will not be extended if: With such a device, select a base a7n266-mv from the options.


a7n266-vvm Visit the ASUS website for updates. Because the BIOS software is constantly being updated, the following BIOS setup screens and descriptions are for reference purposes only, and may not exactly match what ass see on your screen. COM2 Optional components are grayed in the above motherboard layout. Boot Virus Detection [Enabled] This field allows you to set boot virus detection, ensuring a virus-free boot sector.

This parameter is chipxet disabled because the resources used in the SMART monitoring feature may decrease system performance. Please turn off the system and then restart to set the CPU speed.

BIOS revision will solve your problems. Launch the utility from your Windows Start menu: Motherboard Components Before installing the A7NVM motherboard, take time to familiarize yourself with its configuration: Agp Slot AGP slot on your motherboard.

A7NVM ASUS Motherboard Mainboard Drivers Manuals BIOS

Configuring An Expansion Card 2. Generally, an IRQ must be exclusively axus to one function at a time. Click Next when ready. Click Finish to complete the environmental setting procedure.


The socket lever must be fully opened 90 a7n266-vm degrees. Locate the Socket and open it by pulling the lever gently sideways away from the socket.

This feature does not affect SCSI hard drives. AGP slot on your motherboard.

Asus A7N266-VM User Manual

A7nvm Motherboard Support Cd Audio hotfix: To run a program, click Execute Program. Sufficient knowledge of specifications prevents accidental damage. Installation Of Audio Codec Drivers: Don’t show me this message again. System chkpset levels are monitored to ensure stable current to critical motherboard components. Page 73 With such a device, select a base address from the options.